‘Messy Kids’ Parenting Class

2015 - 'Messy Kids' Parenting Class - Clip - Web

Do you ever feel like your kids are a ‘mess’ or that you’re just not doing a great job as a parent? Join us on Wednesday nights beginning in February for a 6 week parenting class as we explore the following topics:

Week 1: Measuring the ‘Mess’ – Why are we here?

Week 2: Addressing the ‘Mess’ – Where do I start?

Week 3: Parenting the ‘Mess’ – How do I own it?

Week 4: Parenting the ‘Mess’ – How do I teach it?

Week 5: Parenting the ‘Mess’ – How do I discipline it?

Week 6: Enjoying the ‘Mess’ – What is grace-based parenting?