Kids Ministry

Gospel Story Kids – Sunday Mornings 9:30am
Children need help understanding that the Bible is one story with Jesus as the hero. This teaching time helps children see that the stories of Scripture point to the most important message of the Bible…God’s plan of salvation through the atoning life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Buckaroo Bible Club – Wednesdays 7:00pm
Children need to learn the great truths of the faith and come to a proper worldview. The goal of Buckaroo Bible Club is to challenge children to memorize verses of Scripture and help them understand what God wants us to learn from them.

Junior Church – Sunday Mornings 10:30am
Children need to be led to worship the Lord in ways that they can understand and grow. This takes place during the preaching time of our Sunday Gathering for Morning Worship and is geared toward children ages 3 through 9. It helps them worship and learn in creative and engaging ways.

Teen Ministry

Our Teen Ministry gathers to be challenged to learn God’s Word and to be supported and trained to serve Christ.

Teen Sunday School – Sunday Mornings 9:30am
This is a time of studying God’s word and discussing what it means for our lives.

Teen Chapel – Wednesdays 7pm
This time is for the purpose of growing in relationship with God and in relationship to one another. There is a time of worship, prayer, Bible study, and activity.

*Consent forms are needed for church activities.

Consent Form – General Events (This form covers all events for a given year)

Consent Form – Specific Events (This form covers a one-time specific event only)

Adult Ministry

Adult Bible Fellowship – Sunday Mornings 9:30 am
This is a weekly time for in-depth Bible Study and Doctrinal Training.

Life on Life – Wednesdays 7:00 pm
This is also a time of studying practical application and answering questions related to the Sunday Morning Message

Small Group Bible Studies – contact us for details
At different times during the year groups meet to study a specific themes or topics of Bible study in an informal setting.