While we do not offer professional counseling services, our pastor is very well-equipped in his knowledge of God’s Word and is skilled at helping people apply it to real life problems. In fact, this has been a major focus of his ministry in recent years with many having taken advantage of the counseling that he offers. While the issues that might bring a person into the office are complex, his approach in simple.

Careful Evaluation

During this stage of the counseling process, we seek to understand the wounding influences present in the counselee’s life and how they have contributed to his or her brokenness. Time is taken to sort through the complexities of what brought the individual into the office with a focus on where the healing needs to begin.

Careful Study

During this stage of the counseling process, we look to God’s Word for the instruction needed to help the counselee realign his or her thinking to that which is true to reality. The individual is pointed to Jesus as the ultimate healer and is challenged to consider a life of full surrender to God, His Spirit, and His Word.

Careful Choices

During this stage of the counseling process, the counselee is encouraged and supported in thinking biblically and making different life choices consistently over time. His or her attention is drawn to the importance of drawing strength from the healer Himself, His Spirit, and His Word, as well as other godly people, as growth and change is a process that takes place over time.

As with any major life change, there are no quick fixes. Progress takes time and is largely dependent upon the individual’s commitment to Christ and determination to change. For those who commit themselves to the process, the results are quite rewarding.

To schedule an appointment with our pastor, please contact the church office.